Dar was a huge black cat.

She walked the neighborhood at night stalking humans.

She would sit high up on a fence, and wait for someone to walk by.

She belonged to know one.

Dar was not just any ole cat.

She had mystical powers.

Dar. would cause the wind to blow in a fury.

The trees called her name.

She would stair in the eyes of anyone who would look at her.

Fear crept within their souls.

Dar would only eat torn flesh.

Other cat’s and dog’s would see her and run away.

She lived underneath the tunnels.

Dar had human like qualities.

Smart and fearest, she would climb roof tops.

She had claws as long as the claws of a eagle.

They say she can walk on two’s.

Her cries are tormenting, they would send chills up your spine.

You would never see her during the day time.

Dar home is far away. She travled the sea’s and oceans all over.

She is as old as time.

The next time you see a black cat think about Dar.

The Mystical and dangerous Cat.


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