A snippet from a book im writing.

My name is Autumn Smith. I’m 12 years old. I’ve been though a lot of pain… I have watched my father die right in front of me. He was in the war, and he got shot and wound up in the hospital. He wasn’t going to make it, so we visited him. I watched him die. I tried to be strong and not cry, but the tears just flowed like rivers. He was amazing. He was my heart and soul. I never realized how much I loved him until… That was a year ago. It’s the small things about people that you never really think about, but there the things you miss most when they are gone.
I’ll never forget dad. He was amazing. I remember when we went to Los Angeles together. We saw the city, went to movies, went dancing, went to a beach, I had the best time ever. And he bought me a HUGE teddy bear. Whenever I see it I think of him. I used to cry a lot… but now its just like I cant cry anymore. And whenever I start crying, I’m wishing he would give me one of his hugs. But he cant because… he’s gone.

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