Autumn #3

I’ve been thinking about dad a lot lately. I miss the way he would push me on the swing when I was little. I miss the way he would always read aloud to me. I miss his hugs. Gina never hugs me. She just slaps me. Dad was the best dad in the world. He went out for a drive while it was raining. I was asleep. The phone rang and it woke me up. We got a call from the hospital. They said my dad had been in a wreck and was very badly injured. And a week later they called us and they told us he was dead. I didn’t go to school for a week. I cried for days. Im crying now and I cant stop. I’ll never see his eyes again. Ill never hear his voice. Ill never feel one of his hugs. His faveroite dinner was rice and carrots. Now I cant eat it without wanting to cry.

(This is not true for me,it is from my book)

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