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During lunch time, everyone gets happy. For those sad, boring soles (lol) who aren’t happy during lunchtime, get happy pills or something.

For the majority (did i spell that right?) of us, lunchtime is the good part of our day; we can relax and talk with our friends. Don’t you think that this event should take up more time?

It has long been said: time is money.

You don’t have to do the math to realize that algebra takes up 50 whole minutes. Thats almost 5% of your day! Thats a big hole in your amount of time.

Okay, looking back on your day. Do you even remember what happened in math? You don’t have to waste more time thinking back. You didn’t do anything that has relevance for your job as a writer.

I’m willing to bet my left pinky that you remember something from lunch. Wouldn’t that make a great story? All my best works have come from inspiration from my life.

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(this petition gets us nowhere though)

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