Metallus Draco

“I will prove to you that my swords can cut through a block of metal, whatever thickness,” Aphra said.
“Fine; You two! Bring in some iron blocks from the smithy!” the teacher barked.

The students ran to do his bidding. They soon returned with a pillar of untouched iron, freshly harvested from the quarry.
“Stand it upright,” the teacher directed. “Now, Aphra, show us.”
“Very well,” Aphra shut her eyes and took a deep breath. She drew her swords high.

The double butterfly swords whistled as they sped towards their target. There was a flash of silver. The iron pillar wobbled for a moment; Then it slid into four pieces and collapsed.

The teacher’s mouth dropped.
“I forgot to mention,” Aphra said, whilst hitting her teeth lightly on the metal, “These swords were forged in the Dragon Mines. There is nothing they can’t cut through.”

There was a gasp through the crowd.
“The Dragon Mines?”
“She couldn’t have possibly gone there!”

“That’s right; My swords were forged by dragons,” Aphra licked her blade.

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