God Help Him!

I swayed. Seriously swayed.
“Whoa there…I think I shouldn’t have shown you that,” he muttered, partially to himself.
“Ha ha…Ya THINK ?” I gripped the chair so hard my knuckles went pale. “Why do you have a-a…you know! Why?”
“I forgot to mention,” he smiled. His fangs glistened.

I gulped. It felt like I had swallowed a stone.

“Forgot to mention what? That you’re a test tube baby sent to terrorize me from outer space?”

What am I saying?

“Geez, I wouldn’t take it that far,” he said, wagging his tail.
“I’m just your ordinary lycanthrope.”

“Your ‘ordinary’?” I laughed. My laugh sounded like Inspector Dreyfus from The Pink Panther.

Ya know, I kinda felt like him, too.

“My whole family has this,” he said, holding his tail.
“Whole…family? There are more of you?” I seriously think the world started spinning at that point. “Why…me?”

He leaned in closer and smiled.
“Because I like you.”
What he did next snapped me out of it.
He licked me!

God help you, Ryuuki.

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