Your Average Lycanthrope

I went into some sort of a time snap. I got up; Jumped onto his shoulders and kicked him. I sent him flying face first into the armchair. I held a hand to my cheek and turned lobster red. I could feel my face burning underneath my hand.

“Why did you do that? That is so perverted, disgusting, and just eeeeww!” I said, sounding like a total girly-girl.
“Ifs shusht fog inshtinshts,” he said, his voice muffled by the fact that his face was practically lodged between the armchair and a cushion.
“I said,” he pulled his head out and smoothed his hair, “It’s just dog instincts.”
“Well, lock ‘em away while you’re around me. Next time you do that, even God won’t help you,” I said.
“You look very pretty when you’re angry,” he said.
“Are you a complete and utter unadulterated IDIOT ?!” I yelled at him.

Suddenly, I thought of something that rooted me to the spot. I felt my face go clammy.

“Haine? What is it? You look really pale,” Ryuuki moved forward.

Why hasn’t Kazuma woken up with all the noise?

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