The Capricious Lycanthrope

“Would it matter if I were?” he said, turning his surprisingly deep eyes onto me. I was mesmerized, like a sheep being herded by an Australian Kelpie dog.
“You’d better not get a boyfriend,” he said, holding my shoulders.
“That-that’s none of your business!” I said.
“I came tonight to fulfill my favor that I didn’t get last time,” he said, grinning wolfishly.
“What? What favor you-” I was silenced.

Ryuuki gave me a deep, passionate kiss. I could feel myself blushing; But I couldn’t make myself pull away. I think we stayed like that for a at least thirty seconds.

“Now, if you didn’t like me, wouldn’t you have pushed me away?” he chuckled.
“You scraggly piece of fur!” I shook my fist at him, and blushed a deep crimson color.

He opened the window; The rays of the moon hit his hair and made it shine. His eyes were like shards of frozen ocean.
“Remember, this is our secret,” he put a hand to his lips and winked at me.

Then he jumped and he was off; Gone in the treetops.

“Pervert!” I shouted to the forest.

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