Roar: Depth

Ira came to another city very soon. It was near hers, and a short walk – perhaps two days, though she had covered the distance in one.

Ira walked through the city, though maybe she shouldn’t call it that. It did not support that many people – 10,000 at most. Village of town might suit it better.

And Ira knew that no one like her – no one who cared – was here. She knew because all she saw were shades of grays, blacks, and whites – as if someone had tried to write a symphony but then realized that they had used all the same notes.

The town had no Depth – therefore, no one like Ira could be there. Depth was a rare quality, and Ira knew she would have to search to find someone with it.

She left the town and spent the night at a small roadside tavern, one filled with vibrant colors.

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