[Rant] Penguins are not to be eaten.

Let me commence my rant.

First off, I am not a vegetarian. I am not against people who are – my cousin is one.

However, I refuse to eat non-commercial animals, such as deer or rabbits.

And when I go to the movies, what do I see in one of the commercials but an advertisment for a show where some guy travels the world looking for odd foods?

No problem with this. Until they get to the part when he visits an island – in Galapagos, I believe – with penguins on it.

And guess what? He’s trying to catch one of the penguins to eat it. Actually, it might have been the penguins’ eggs. Either way, it made me so boiling mad I couldn’t help but rant.

You do not eat wild animals unless the situation is desperate. If you’re doing a TV show on it, you’re not desperate.

Thus concludes my rant.

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