Hugs Aren't Overated

We sat in the waiting room…waiting. Nick and Joe’s search for edible food ended with a couple of chocolate bars. Suddenly a woman with dark hair burst through the doors, it took me a moment to realize who it was.
“Mom!” Nick cried, and all three of them stood up.
“Boys! I’m so glad you’re safe!” she hugged and kissed each of them as I stood awkwardly off to the side.
“Where’s dad?” Joe asked her.
“He went to get your stuff from the R.V. How’s Moe?” she asked.
“He broke his collarbone.” Kevin told her, then turned to me. “Mom, this is Wesley Robin. She-”
She interrupted him. “I’ve heard so much about you!” she hugged me fiercely.
She must have seen the look on my face because she let go. “I’m sorry, did that hurt?”
“Not much.” I lied. “It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Jonas.”
“It’s nice to meet you too. Thank you for what you did for Moe.” she said beaming at me.
“I only told Kevin to call 911. It was nothing.”
“Yes it was! How can we ever thank you?”
“You already have.” I grinned.

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