Insanity Encouraged (Acceptance Speech)

I used to write and then beg my Mother or my friends to read my stuff. You can imagine how old that got for them. I was so glad when my Mom showed me Ficlets! I thought. Yay! People who want to read my stuff!

Ficlets could be described as the place where all the crazy people gather. Normally this would be called a lunatic asylum but not so here.

At Ficlets we enjoy and encourage craziness.
At Ficlets we boldly proclaim bacon as a vegetable, we follow the adventure of the Insane Knight and his dragon named Horse, we write hideously sappy love poems and what’s worse…we like it.
If you’re on Ficlets and your not crazy you might encounter a problem.
Being Normal is stricltly prohibited and violators will be shot promptly at dawn. Everyone belongs here, even those of you with bad grammar.

So next time somone asks you if you’re on crack say:
“Of course not! I’m on Ficlets!”

Embrace the Insanity

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