Twelve Things You Might Have Never Known About MBTM

1. I despise people with too much attention/popularity.
They’re just like us, what makes them better?

2.I secretly wish to be one of said people.
Who doesn’t?

3. I believe that all living things(and a few that aren’t) have a right and need to be loved.
I said it, happy?

4. I’m a blonde!
Eh, some of you might never see me(with the exception of you, Joe. You’ve seen me like once.).

5. My favorite song ever is Awakening by Switchfoot.

6. Boredom is my only friend in real life…
=sits and cries=

7. I refuse to change myself to get people to like me.
That’s their problem.

8. I have a very short temper.
You got a problem with that?

9. I’m as insecure as a rock.
I simply don’t care.

10. I act like I hate not gaining a pound and eating all I want.
I secretly love it.

11. I often wonder if people and the world would’ve been better off if I had died as a baby…
I’m so weird.

12. I will hit nirvana in this ficlet… I hope… IhopeIhopeIhope… made it.

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