Famous (in 189 words)

He ran as fast as he could, charging through the crowds of people in their colorful winter coats. The city lights reflected off his dark hair and light skin in a way that was breath-taking.
The world rushed around him in tones of orange and red, purple and blue. He seemed oblivious to the world around him, possible not caring or just not wanting to know.
He did not speak with words or with any gesture, but you could tell what he was going to say just when he looked at you.
His eyes seemed to be filled with excitement and fright as he ran.
Everything seemed to go silent as he ran by. Everything just paused besides him.
I knew who he was but then I didn’t. He was all over the news and everyone was looking for him, but I would speak nothing about him.
He was running away from his past life of regrets. He was running away from all his fears, troubles, dreams, and his life. He wanted to leave. He wants to be who he was supposed to be.
He is the Runaway.

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