Equal Rights for all Undead

The protesters began to show up just before the sun set on LesMortes Cemetery. They planted their signs in the grass near the fresh dirt of the graves and waited for full dark.

CherryPop was in charge of this demonstration and she stood near her battered station wagon handing out signs to the early risers. Some vamps could withstand the weak light at the end of the day if they were old enough. They all smiled at the feisty girl as they grabbed a sign and took their positions. The undead loved her. They knew that despite her diminutive size, she was a girl who would get things done.

Zombies were the last of the undead races to face discrimination and it rankled Cherry. She had fought long and hard to gain legal rights for her vamps once the world began to understand that vampires and ghosts and all manner of things that went bump in the night were the really real. She was raised by the most powerful necromancer in the world who taught her the truth about the undead.

Besides, zombies needed love too, right?

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