Beginning (From 18 to 1 Challenge)

The sun sets differently in the city. The stars look differently here, too. Farther away and fewer between.

Here on the rooftop, thinking of you, even my memory seems somehow convoluted, distored by distance, maybe.

I cannot picture your face quite as clearly. Or your voice, singing, laughing. Everything is fading.

Oh, how quickly things change! Memories erode like a rock in a river. Diminished. Erased.

Perhaps you no longer know me, my visage just an afterimage in your memory.

Perhaps this empty feeling inside me will never completely heal, even with time.

But I refuse to let you define me, break my spirit down.

I can get used to the stars here in the city.

I can grow around the hole where you once were.

Every day here, the sun grows a little brighter.

And my heart grows a little bit lighter.

As memories merge and break. Flow. Blurr.

One day I won’t know you.

That will be the day.

I’ve waited so long.

To say goodbye.

To begin.


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