The Jonas Robbery Part 16: Seeing Mom And Dad

The paramedics wheeled my into the hospital on the stretcher i had been sitting on. The boys followed me. Some nurses set me up in a room and quickly left, as if I was wasting their time. Joe and Nick sat down in the chairs in the corner and Kevin stood near my bed.

Just then, my parents burst through the doorway. “Emily?! Are you okay honey?!” she rushed past Kevin to my side.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Seeing my mother brought back the feeling of fear I had experienced at the groccery store.

My father had been at the doorway, suspiciously glaring at Nick, Joe, and Kevin. He then came toward me. “What happened?” he asked.

“Well,” I tried to stay calm, “The store was robbed. These guys,” I motioned toward the boys, “saved my life. They tried to get out of the store and took me with them. I fell and they picked me up. Then, we ran into the robber and he put a gun to Nick’s head and almost shot him!” I was becoming hysterical and I had just said Nick’s name. Did they notice I was talking about Nick Jonas?

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