The Jonas Robbery Part 17: Shocking My Parents

I continued in my panicy voice, “But just as the robber was about to shoot him Kevin hit him in the head with a can and knocked him out!” And now I had just said Kevin.

Mom had her hand over her mouth and was crying. Dad put his hand on my shoulder and tried to comfort me.

“But, it’s okay. After Kevin knocked the robber unconcious, the police got there and we went to them and then got to the hospital.”

Mom looked back at Kevin, and did a double take. She then looked toward the corner at Joe and Nick. She squinted with a look of confusion. Mom turned back to me, ”...Em…?”

I nodded, a smile coming across my face. Mom turned back toward Kevin and extended her hand. “Hi, I’m Michelle. This is my husband Steve.”

“Hi,” Kevin said back, shaking his head. My father nodded at Kevin, but was still slightly confused. (He never was a big Jonas fan.) He observed Kevin for a moment. Then, he looked shocked. “Wait…you’re. No, you can’t be…”

“I’m Kevin,” Kevin cut in. “These are my brothers.”

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