Propping myself up

This is really happening. Using the sofa and coffee table I prop myself up and stand again.

You’re taking too long to get here and I can’t wait any more. I yanked on the sanitized towel wrapped around my arm, another shot of vodka under my skin. “Fucking goddamn it!” I said, this time quieter, teeth clenching less. “Where the fuck are you?” I asked myself. I start out the door. I thought that I could walk to the hospital in around thirty minutes.

A foul mess of profanity lit up my mind when I saw what they had carved in the door. I had a feeling those jackasses would do something stupid. From the depth of the cut I could tell it was Terry’s blade that had carved the giant K.

I popped another wad of aspirin down my mouth and locked up the marked door. “Now or never my ass. Never doesn’t exist.” I called you again. No answer.

This is when I stopped waiting for you.

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