Sweet one

Oh sweet child, how what a beautiful day you have brought me.
Your first laughter gave the world millions of fairies.
And the rest make me be fill me with joy.
Your eyes make the sky shine even brighter.
Your fingers are so adorable, even though they barely can wrap around my thumb.
Your feet kick in great happiness.
As you lay there, let your mind stay sweet.
As you discover new things, let your mind be open.
As you see him, let your soul grow.
Be honest, be kind.
Don’t be cruel. Don’t be unkind.
Love others as I love you.
Dream big and don’t let others put you down.
Do what you know is right.
Don’t be afraid because your never alone.
Know that we all love you.
Life will be hard, and the world is cruel.
But your a tough one, and your have friends and family who will stand by you.
So you will make it through.
Just promise me two thing.

You will never loose the inner child that lets you do childish acts and
Love me as I love you for the days of your life.

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