Jack The Brave

He stood there rooted to the spot. His heart pounding faster than any drug had ever gotten it dancin. What the fuck. What.. what. Taking very careful steps, Jack walked over towards the front door and stealthily peeked out the window.

They were still there.

Ashley was holding Tom. He mutedly heard her telling him something with force in her voice. He knew that voice well – it was the one she used when trying to convince him to come shopping with her.

The one thing he noticed, was they didn’t look at each other with unfathomable love in their eyes, or at least Ashley didn’t. She never looked at Tom that way. The way she looked at him.

And Jack found himself understanding. Not entirely. And not quite forgiving. But in his stupor he felt willing to listen.

He knocked on the door. Ashley swung it open, curious. Tom looked wasted.

“Can you,” Jack asked trying, “explain.”
“No,” Ashley said, “But, I can reassure you”
“What?” He blinked
“That I’m putting meaning to this, I love you. I’m sorry.”

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