Vivid & Wicked

The colors are vivid
But the people are ever too wicked
And whats a child to do
With only a small view
When they don’t know the meaning of I love you
When I love you means I owe you
People know they own you
And then the child is gone
Trampled by people flowing in life’s busy throng
And life goes on
Child dead or alive or gone
Life’s heart heavy, weary, and no longer strong
Beats on with Death dragging her by the arms
And now there’s a whole parade
It’s one big sharade
Of the Deaf, Blind and Afraid
Leading, Marching forever and on & on
The colors are shameful
But the people are sinful
A child to blame for
A child will never know what to do
All they will know is shame and guilt and the abuse
It grows from when they’re small
Until they grow tall
And other wise your fate is chosen
The thin lines are woven and
Whether or not you can hold a pencil
You must color inside
And learn to hide
The colors are vicious
But the people are contagious

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