The Extreme Ends of the Word Random

If someone asks you to think of something random, you can’t really answer randomly, because randomness cannot be asked for. It must BE random. If randomness is expected, is it truly random?

Bob didn’t think so. That’s were his troubles lay right now. His… random friend george had asked him for a random word.

No. george’s name wasn’t supposed to be capital. He had long ago dropped the capital letter G in favor of the lesser used g. It was george’s goal in life to completely fling off the rules of society. Bob still remembered the first day george, or George, had become george. One conversation with a teacher had gone something similar to this:

“George, could you please sit in your desk instead of underneath?”

“I just thought I’d clarify, ma’am, that my name is george now, not George as aforementioned.”

“Yes, that’s what I said, George.”

“No, no! It’s george. Lowercase g.”

“Fine, George.”

“NO! george!”

Anyway, that was just one example of george’s erratic behavior. So back to that random word…

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