The Jonas Robbery Part 20: The Car Ride

“And we learned a few interesting things about you,” Kevin said, leaning in toward me.

My stomache fluttered with embarrassment. They probably knew that I was a crazed obsessed fan, thanks to my parents.

“Like what?” I timidly asked. “Well, your mom told us that you really like us,” Kevin said. “Your dad said you’re a little obsessed,” Joe added.

My face turned beet red. “Dad!” I yelled, “Why would you say that?!”

My father began to laugh.

“Well, I really love your music, but I’m not like one of those crazy screaming girls or anything.” I was trying to cover up.

“Okay,” Nick said.

“Nick, I have to ask you this. Why don’t you ever say much?” I said, changing the subject.

He shrugged. “I’m just quiet. I’m not outspoken like my brothers.”

“I think it’s just ‘cause he’s the youngest,” Joe teased.

Mom pulled into the doctor’s and we all got out. Kevin and Joe helped me walk through the parking lot.

Within an hour, we left. Only this time, I left with a cast and crutches.

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