I Guess Life Isn't Fair

Minutes went by. I sat doing my homework and eating Thin Mints. I did assignment after assignment. Then I realized what I had saved for last. History.

I like history, really I do. It’s not that bad for me. But I did not want to do this homework. Every question would remind me of that day in class. Jess and I haven’t talked in months. Why did I start thinking about him again? I’m so stupid! He already forgot about me, obviously I didn’t mean that much to him! So he shouldn’t mean that much to me either. It should be even. Fair. But I guess life isn’t fair.

I looked down at my homework. Oh crap I had been drawing big scribbles all over it. And I had been pressing down hard. A tear came down onto my homework. I realised it was mine. My face was all wet. I could taste the salt of my tears. How long had I been crying?

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