running away

This is when she decided to relieve her parents of all stress. So she ran up the stairs and packed all the nearest clothes into a duffel bag. She grabbed her “Emergency Only” credit and debit card and went down the fire ladder in her bedroom.

The nearest hotel is about a mile away, she thought to herself as she ran down the city street looking for a taxi. Finally, she caught one and told him to go to Bubani Hotel. This would officially become her new home. At least until she figured out what to do with herself. As long as she kept her debit and credit card, she could live off of that for a while.

As the taxi pulls up, she jolted out so nobody would notice who she was. If she is going to pull this off, she knows she will have to change her appearance so when her parents make a search party they won’t find her. As she checks in, she notices a few shops across the street.

When she runs over to the shops, she buys two wigs, five outfits that she would never wear, and glasses to fit in.

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