I Can Run So Fast

“There’s a 7/11 down the road about a mile and half. Drive there with your Mom and wait for me while I distract the fans.” I told them.
“How will you get there?” Kevin asked.
“I’ll run.” I shrugged.
“You can’t run that far, it will take forever! Besides how do you know that they’ll believe you?” Joe demanded.
“I run track, Joe. I ran the mile in seven minutes, a mile and a half should only take me about eleven. Of course they’ll believe me! Look at the shirt.” I told him.
“But why do you have to run? Why don’t you just come with us?” Nick wanted to know.
“Because I’m sure there’s going to be at least one person who is going to follow me.”
They looked unsure.
“Please, let me do this! Trust me!” I pleaded.
Nick looked me in the eyes and said. “We do trust you Wes. And I think your plan is a good one.”
I was trapped in that moment for a couple of seconds until Joe broke the spell. “We have to ask Mom.”
“No time for that!” I exclaimed.”Go, now!” I began pushing them towards the doorway. Then I ran off.

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