Miracle of friendship

This is a story about a magical friendship. One that I never thought I would experience in my whole life. Ive had a few rough times in my life, and I had sometimes sunk really low. I almost gave up once or twice.

You reached out to me with your trusting arms. You embraced me with your understanding and your acceptance. You know I was cold and alone, that the path I had been walking was a rocky one.

You opened up to me like nobody else before, you let me into your life and you trusted me. You shared so much so willlingly. You have provided comfort and insight.Somehow you saw things in me I never saw before, you believed in me and you taught me to forgive. All my pain and strife have subsided and faded away. Everytime I speak with you I feel comforted. The time we spend talking is time I wish would stand still. Its purely sublime. The minutes I wait to hear your voice feels like eternity. It’s music to my ears. A calm soothing tone. I could listen to it forever. Your laughter is a symphony.

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