Miles from no where.

We ran out of gas ten miles from town and it definitely looked like it was going to pour with rain any minute from now.
Absolutely frantic and about to rip every hair from her head, Jess started to curse and scream at Phil, and to remain out of harms way I decided to stay in the car.
“I told you to make sure we had enough gas Phil you fucking imbicile!!” Jess squealed.
“I thought we did, I wouldn’t have driven all this way if I had of thought we were going to conk out! Shit, why is it always my fault?”
“Because, most of the friggen time it is!” Jess yelled back.

Just as Phil was about to scream something back in defense, he saw it. The same thing I saw too..
Two lights, in the distance, gradually proceeding in our direction.
As the lights approached we noticed a run down old ute with four doors, and the man driving it appearing far from pretty.
I got out of the car and considered waving it down, but before i’d even made my decision, the rusty old ute took a sharp left and pulled up beside us…

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