The Bizarre Life of CherryPop McGee

Yes. My actual name is CherryPop. No, I don’t know what the hell my mother was thinking when she named me. I was a bit busy at the time what with the trauma of being born and all.

My mother was eccentric. There’s just no other word for it. You know how some people try to trick their brains into getting some extra sleep by setting their alarm clocks ahead by ten or fifteen minutes? Well, my mom actually stops time itself so she can doze a bit longer. She doesn’t do it often of course because you get into a whole mess of trouble with the Time Council but sometimes she likes trouble.

I’m her only child. I love my mother but sometimes, like now, I wish she was a little more normal. My life has never been normal. How could it be with a powerful witch for a mother and a necromancer for a father? I grew up in world where vampires and zombies and all manner of ghosties are real. Some of them were good friends of mine.

Here’s the thing. The supernatural stuff isn’t scary. And the world is starting to get that now.

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