Dear Diary

My eyes.

Some people laugh when I get angry, for they say that not only does my entire mood swing, but my eyes strike fear into the opposing person. Some even claim to see my eye color change.

That’s probably the reason people don’t talk to me, maybe they’re afraid of me? I think I’m really nice, insightful, poetic, and even sometimes funny, but no one wants to approach me anyway.. maybe I’m ugly?

February 29, 2008.
Dear Diary.
Third week here at Springford, but I still haven’t made any friends. I really miss home, I can’t believe Mom made us move alllll the way out to Pennsylvania just to get away from Dad. I mean, honestly, has she no dignity or even love for her children?!
Even more than I miss home and Dad, I miss Leila. You should remember her from my previous entries, Dear Diary, she was always with me when I wrote them. I called her earlier but she was out, and her cell was charging.. but before I break down crying, I must tell you the good news..
..there’s this guy..

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