I woke up to my alarm clock, and pushed the snooze button with expert precision.
Just five more minutes….
Fell asleep just as my alarm clock woke me back up, so I got up and started getting ready.
I felt the hot water warm my skin as the shower water poured onto me.
I finished washing up, and ran a hand sideways through my wet blonde hair. My cowlick was bothering me and I tried to flatten it, but to no avail.
I hopped into my Mom’s car and we headed to school.
I got out and listened to the voice of my friend, Brett.
“Hey, Yo! Tyler!” He called and I could hear him running up to me.
“Sup.” I said.
“Nothing Much.” He said. “I heard we got a new girl in the class.”
“She hot?” I asked.
“Don’t know.”
“What’s her name?”
“Hayley, I think.”

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