Always Take Notice It's Not What It Seems

The man entered the room, very spastic and seem out of control.

walking in circles and mumuring to himself. The people in the waiting room followed his every move as he kept pacing back in fourth.

“No time, the end is near!!” He kept repeating it over and over again.

The nurse in the window looked over her classes at the man, and watched him as he circled the room. She got up and open the door from her work station and called out to him to come to her.

He ignored her, and kept circling the room. Everyone in the waiting room had the look of un-certain on their faces and the anxiety grew thicker among them.

Whispering and coversation was heard echoing across the room.

He stop all at once.

” Look up at the ceiling and said ” It’s time, the end is here.”

He collaspe to the floor and the nurse ran to him, yelling to the other staff to get the doctor.

The doctor came out to examine the man, and look up at the nurse and said I have no pulse.

The waiting room was in aw of what happend.

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