Urinals Are Scary Things

It’s the strangest sensation to do your stuff with muffled, blaring techno music pounding into your head as background music.

I must have had a few too many drinks with that nice looking girl by the bar, because I was standing in front of the urinal for quite a while. Come to think of it, it was a miracle I was standing so long in the first place.

Then, this guy with foot-tall liberty spikes, and black, baggy pants, and a tight black tee (in other words, a mirror image of myself, except with spikes) chose the stall right next to mine. Out of the five empty urinals to my right.

Then, as if things weren’t weird enough, he strikes up a conversation!

“Saw you dancing by the bar. Awesome moves you got there.”

I just said thanks, and stopped the conversation.

But he wasn’t over.

A new song started playing, and he started to offer me a exasperating critique of why he liked it. And then, he started to peek.

“Hmm, nice one you got there. Use it often?”

I looked at him, zipped up, and walked out the door.

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