Argentined Affairs

That meant her brother was the 6’5” barn-door of a bouncer who worked at Morley’s too. He’d once been a blue-faced extra on the set of Braveheart and fame went to his head, so he hit the bottle.

After pulling over 30 glass shards from his hand the doctors deemed him fit with only 50% mobility in his fingers. No longer able to wave a sword and shout obscenities on the multimedia screen, Blue ended up sweeping streets in the poor end of Chicago. That was until Morley, owner of Morley’s, found him beating off a half dozen drunks who were trying to get his cigarettes.

Impressed with the sheer, tossing the bodies aside, act that Blue had learnt while understudying for the Hercules series, Morley immediately took him on as bouncer for the club.

Now, I figure, is probably not a good time to remember just how interesting that evening was where Blue, Ginger and I did something very interesting… and it wasn’t with the nazi youth.

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