The Jonas Robbery Part 23: Teasing

“Don’t leave!” I wanted to cry out, but said nothing.

We talked to for a while. I asked about their career, their lives, their friends.

“Um, can I use your bathroom?” Joe asked.

“Yeah, up the stairs and to the right,” I told him.

Oh no! I had two huge Jonas Brothers posters on my door, and Joe was going to walk right past my room. How embarrassing! I prayed he wouldn’t notice. Though I doubted it. I assume it would be hard to walk right past a door with an enormous picture of yourself on it without noticing.

When Joe returned downstairs, he sat down next to me and grinned. “Nice posters,” he said cooly.

I tried to laugh it off, but I was sure it was obvious I was very embarrassed.

When Nick and Kevin heard the word “posters”, they immediately turned and looked at me. “Yeah,” Joe said to his brothers, “Emily’s got a few posters of us.”

“Ohh,” Kevin laughed. “So, you’re not that big of a fan, huh?” Kevin teased.

“I gotta go see this,” he stood up and ran upstairs.

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