The Jonas Robbery Part 24: Posters

“Hahaha!” laughed Kevin when he saw the door to my room. One of the posters said “Kevin” on it and was a giant picture of his face.

“Can we go in your room?” he asked as he reached for the door.

“Ummmm, well….....I, umm, guess.” I really did NOT want them to see my room. But, it was the Jonas Brothers! How could I say no?

Kevin anxiously opened the door. All three of their mouths dropped. My room was covered in posters of nobody but Jonas Brothers.

Kevin and Joe were both now hysterically laughing. Nick looked both amused and embarrassed. His face was a little red.

“Oh, I remember doing that photo shoot,” they were saying. Or “Look how weird we looked there!”

“Are you sure you’re not one of those screaming girls?” Nick asked me.

“Well,” I giggled.

I heard a knock at the door. We went downstairs and there stood Mr. and Mrs. Jonas. “Oh! There are my boys!” Mrs. Jonas exclaimed. She hugged each of her sons. Mr. Jonas came toward us. “We were so worried!”

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