Hospital Bed

My last words before I die in my hospital bed,weak & spoon fed,my last words heard by strangers will be
I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life
And then silence & then there she went there she goes
Low & behold what evil grew in her bosom what sin & woe
The devil snatched her soul & never ever let go,Watch her hell unfold,as hell freezes over all,
& there they were looking at an old womens hospital bed young & crazed & spoon fed
Thinking of the things she dread
And how long she had longed to be dead
But slow & painful is how she goes
Unlike the quick unexpected death of her foes
The Nurse checks her once more
As her vital signs are dropped to the floor
She’ll never skip a beat again
Now there are only veins where her heart had once been
As someone dimmed the lights
& all bid her goodnight
And they had to ask how’s it feel to be gone?
And then there she went there she goes
Dead in a hospital bed
Leaving you alone to think about what she said
I’ve been waiting for this moment, this very moment all my life

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