The Jonas Robbery Part 25: Leaving

“Thank you so much for looking after my sons,” Mrs. Jonas told my mom.

“Oh! It was no problem!” Mom exclaimed.

“I should be thanking you,” I said. “Your sons saved my life. Mrs. Jonas looked at me with confusion. “I had gone up to Nick and when Joe and Kevin came to get him, Nick took me with him. And then when I fell Kevin and Nick both helped me up. I honestly don’t know if I could have made it without them. And then, they were so nice to me! They came to the hospital with me and stayed with me while I got my cast put on. And they barely even know me!”

Mrs. Jonas had tears in her eyes. “They’re angels,” she said, putting her hand on Nick’s shoulder.

“Well, I hate to do this,” said Mr. Jonas, “but we have to get going. Remember, boys, you have a flight to Dallas tomorrow morning.”

“Okay,” sighed Joe.

“Well, thank you so so so much!” I said, hugging each of them tightly.

“No problem,” said Kevin. “Don’t worry about it,” Joe told me. “It’s okay,” Nick quietly said.

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