It was quite astonishing. This place seemed to be some sort of secret hideout for vampires!
Kamaria quietly followed Aedin to an empty table in the back. One really short vampire with long black hair came up and asked if we wanted anything to drink.
“Are you thirsty?” Aedin asked.
But Kamaria was busy watching the old man that they’d come in with. While no one appeared to be watching, he inconspicuously slipped behind a bookcase.
“Oh sorry. No I’m fine,” she lied. Aedin ordered 2 drinks anyways. After a few moments, the girl came back with two glasses of dark red liquid.
“So,” Aedin said as he sipped his drink. His dazzling white teeth were now stained a deep crimson. “Now is the time. You may ask questions.”
And boy did she have plenty!

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