Meanwhile Sir Gavin and Sir Damien are getting settled in their room. Sir Gavin gazes out the window, wondering how long it will be before he gets to go home. He dearly misses his woman, Eunice. Her frizzy black hair, her wrinkled face…
“Sir Damien, when do you think they’ll release us?”
“They may never let us leave, Sir Gavin.”
“Oh fie!”
Yes, indeed. Which is why I’ve come up with an M.E.P.”
“A mep?”
“No, an M-E-P”
“A Manly European Poncho?”
“No, a…”
“Massive Edible Potatoes?”
“No! A Master Escape Plan!
“Oh. Proceed.”
“Well, I think if we get enough spoons, we can excavate a fairly large hole through this here wall. Then…”
Suddenly, the door opens. Why, it’s our good friend, Sir Sebastian! He appears to have some news. Let’s hear what he has to say.
“My fellow knights, we have a TSM !”
“A Tipsy Singing Martian?”
“Will you shut up, Sir Gavin! What is a TSM , Sir Sabastian?”
“A Top Secret Mission!”

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