“M-my father? What?! No, that’s not possible.. you can’t be my father! No!” Kamaria continued rambling hysterically until Aedin placed his arms around her shoulders.
“It’s okay,” he told her, holding her close to him. “Everything’s going to be fine.” Kamaria calmed down after a few minutes, and slumped on the stool. She wiped the tears from her perfect hazel eyes and stared at Aedin, still not believing what was going on.
The man who claimed to be her father sat next to her. “Kamaria, I know this is shocking for you, but the people you call your parents? They’re not… they adopted you when your mother died in childbirth.” He paused, saddened. “You’re a child from two very different worlds, Kamaria. Your mother’s body could not deal with the ancient magic that lives inside of you… It was too much for her.” The man, her father, held her hand. “You look just like her,” he said.
Kamaria’s head was spinning, and she felt sick. Then Aedin caught her before she fell on the ground, unconscious.

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