The Sphere

Red had some serious questions for that questionable little scientist. Why was this Maze here? Why was it dangerous?

Red walked into the room, gently boiling on the inside with indignation, wary of anything that might be the “danger” Dr. Paul had spoken of. But there was nothing to be seen!

Every single room looked exactly the same. White glow, six doors, mysterious floating sphere. He couldn’t see any differences between any of the rooms!

He stopped to look more closely at the ominous sphere that hung above his head. The sphere hung there, humming. It looked like it was brushed stainless steel, and it was completely smooth, except…

There were some numbers on the side of the sphere! Excited with the prospect of a clue, Red moved around so he could see the numbers. But the sphere moved also, spinning away from Red. If only he could get a better look…

Red felt something move. The room was starting to tilt, slowly. Slowly. Suddenly Red felt the floor fall from beneath his feet!

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