Pinkerton Brothers

The wind slightly shifted to the east.

The township gaither around to the train station to wait for the 12 noon train from Montanna.

Word had gotten out the the Pinkerton brother’s who were notorious gun fighters were comming to town to break out their little brother Billy Pinkerton.

Billy was waiting trail for killing a man he said in self defense.

The Sheriff of Bootoms Creek Arizona had warned anyone who would help the Pinkerton brothers and try to break out BIlly, would end up in Jail themsleves.

The clock ticked 2 mins. til 12 noon. The town could hear the train comming a mile away. the smoke stack pumped coal smoke out it’s stack towards town.

The whistle blew souding it’s approach to town.

Everyone ran to see the brothers get off the train.

The train approached the plat form at the station.

The Sheriff stood in front of the Depot.

The conductor step off the train .

“Afternoon Sheriff!”

“Afternoon Jed!”

“What ya carring this afternoon?”

“Three Men !”..

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