Pinkerton Brothers Makes A Showing

“Where are they from Jed?”

” Montanna territory, I picked them up this morning.”

“Are they friendly Jed?”

“Sheriff, I can’t say the are, they really don’t talk much!”

“Thank you Jed!”

The steps were placed in front of the coach. First off the train was a family traveling with their children. Some cattlemen step off next.

Then three young women.

The Sheriff stood at the door watching who would step off next.

The the wind shifted in-ward and blew something fearest.

It was as if mother nature knew evil was in town.

Then in a second a long black trench coat and silver spurs step down off the train. He had a face like hard leather,eyes of blue water.

Behind him was another black trench coat and a high gallon hat. He wore brass spurs and a scar long side the cheek.

Sheriff counted two. The last to step off the train was a pair of gold spurs’s, he had on a long clay colored trench coat and a ten gallon hat.

They stood in front of the depot…...

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