Shakespeare Academy

I reached home room just in time. Crowded halls are not the best way to travel. Anyways, as i said, i had reached my home room just in time. And if i’m correct, my schedule says i am in Mrs. Capulet’s room. History teacher. grr-eat! I slid into the last seat in the last row trying to become invisible while scoping out the people around me.
Third seat, second row: Juliet Capulet. She’s undoubtedly going to become Ms. Popularity though she isn’t going to have the greatest future let me tell you. Stabbing. not good.
First seat, forth row: Viola of Ilyria. She’s fun to talk to but she’s been having some identity issues lately.
Fifth seat, first row: Cordelia…um i guess Lear, im just going to one thing. Daddy Issues.
I was just taking one last scan around the room when he walked in. Demetrius.

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