On A Rainy Day

A just like a rainy day I decided I would run away. Run away from all that is me. Run away from what I could never be.
Like a dove in a flock of crows, like a favored enemy with all his foes, I walked and wandered through the streets wondering who I could possibly meet.
As the moon kissed the stars, I walked from afar. As the day passed away, I rested my head and here I lay thinking of what could never be, thinking of what would become of me,thinking of the sun and the moon, and waiting waiting for the sixth of June.
And on that day, I wish I stayed because of all the memories would eventually fade through my fingers into sand, into the ocean and into the land it trickled and fell.
I never saw my family again but decided it was best to forgive and forget all the people I’ve never met, all the hearts I never broke, all the times let myself choke to die to live to smile to give to everyone the girl I could never be and this and this is me.

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