Dear Lauren

Dear Lauren,
Thanks for trying to change me from this monster that I would be.
Thanks for trying to help although I didn’t listen as I became a person that I should have never been.
Thanks for caring and standing up to me although I became what you didn’t want me to be.
I’m sorry, please forgive me, please tell me that I was wrong, please tell me about my greatest memories so I can die with a smile on my face.
Thanks for trying as I’m dying this horrible death and I realized that I should have listened that I should have cared that I should have thought about what you said that I should have never become thisperson you were trying to prevent me to be.
Thanks for trying to change me. Thanks for always being there. Thanks for your love and for your care. Thanks for being the first to dare. Thanks for putting your life in danger to help me up instead of put me down, thanks I wish I could have listened, but here I lay and here I die because of my own foolishness and the monster I’ve become.

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