Found (Okay, this time I'm not kidding)

Kait slid into the seat next to me. I looked at her.
“Did you tell her what happened” I mouthed silently at her.
She shook her head.
“Tell her.” I mouthed.
“Later.” She mouthed.
I nodded.
I turned to face front, and Autumn was looking at as oddly.
“What was that about?” She asked, referring to Me and Kait’s mouthed conversation.
“Nothin’.” I said, slyly taking her hand.
She smiled at me.
“Mrs. Radk.” I said. “Can you drop me off at my place?”
“You sure you don’t want to hang around for a while?”
Autumn gave me a look.
“I’ll stay.” I said.
I tried to touch Autumn’s beautiful red hair, but I was afraid I would get caught.
We arrived at Autumn’s house, went in and had some hot chocolate.
We all talked for a while, but there was still a lot of tension between me and Kait.
“Well, I gotta go.” I said, shooting Kait a glance.
“Okay, bye.” They both said.
“See ya at school tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow is Saturday.” Kait commented quietly.
“Oh.” I blushed, and headed back home.

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