An Earthquake

She wasn’t in school the next day. I was the only one who knew where she was though. Melody told me that she had some important stuff that needed to be done, but she refused to tell me what it was until after school today. She didn’t think I’d believe her.
So instead of eating lunch with her today, I sat with the guys. Roger poked his glob of food with his fork. The mysterious object jiggled.
“It is for that reason, that I pack my own lunch,” Steve stated.
“Did you guys feel the earthquake last night!?”
We all stared at Jeremy. Was he serious?
“I’m serious, guys!”
Okay, apparently he was.
“Well, it wasn’t really an earthquake. But it was on the news and everything. It happened near the edge of town in the woods, and there’s a rumor that there’s a huge black hole in the middle of the forest now!”
I stopped listening after that. Jeremy was known stretch the truth to make things seem more interesting than they really are. I didn’t think he was telling the truth.
Soon, the bell rang. Only four hours to go…

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